Rallyday 2014

The era of Group B was well represented at the 14th edition of Rallyday, the UK’s premier rally car show.

Markku Alén, who won the FIA Driver’s Cup in 1978, made his maiden appearance at Rallyday. The Finn drove a Lancia 037 and a Toyota Celica GT4.

25 MG Metro 6R4s celebrated the 30th Anniversary & also took part in a special 6R4 section of the Castrol Edge Feature Stage. Organisers also recreated the Super Challenge with dedicated 6R4 only track sessions.


Fresh from an outing with Harri Toivonen, the recently restored Unipart MG Metro 6R4 was on display in all it’s glory.


A number of Computervision 6R4’s came out to celebrate one of the era’s most iconic cars.


Box arches and a glorious sounding powerplant – the perfect combination?


Arguably the holy grail of the 6R4 world, Tony Pond’s 1985 Lombard RAC Rally machine came out to join in the celebrations and was driven in a way that would have made the man himself raise a smile.



Markku Alen and Markko Martin drove a number of cars between them.


Harri Toivonen was behind the wheel of a 2014 specification R-GT Porsche and a MG Metro 6R4.


Rallyday has always been a premier event for rally fans and this years edition was no different. Where else in the world, especially in the UK, would you find a Group B MG Metro 6R4, a 2014 Porsche R-GT spec GT3 car and a Ex works Subaru Impreza WRC?


In a bid to build upon the ultra successful Ford MK2 Escort, Ford undertook development on building a car for the Group B regulations in the early eighties – the Ford RS1700T. As Ford’s first attempt at a turbocharged rally competition car, it featured a 1778cc 350 Bhp engine developed by Ford & Cosworth. The car was scrapped in favour of the RS200 and many examples of the RS1700T were crushed. One example, fresh from extensive restoration attended the event.


Phil Collins returned to action in his usual spectacular fashion, also bringing with him his Opel Ascona aswell as his Ford Escort.


It leaves little to the imagination as to why Ayrton Senna called Collins a ‘nut case’ – especially after he was dicing with a 1000hp Subaru Legacy Time Attack car in one of the final sessions of the day.


Images courtesy of Racingist

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